The British Woodworking Group

About Woodworking Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are the main way of getting into the woodworking industry. They allow you to learn the industry skills and to earn while you learn.

Woodworking has a great reputation for taking apprentices so there’s always opportunities to get yourself an apprenticeship.

There are more careers than you think – there are joiners, wood machinists, carpenters, fitters, computer aided designers, computerised machinists – but like any business, it also has jobs like administrators, sales, marketing, estimating, accounts, supervisory, and management. Take a look at the job profiles to find out more about what roles you might like.

You can become an apprentice from 16 years old, but many join the industry later on too, so it’s never too late to get into woodworking.

Typically you would do a 2-3 year apprenticeship – where you are working and earning in a woodworking business – and do some study either at a college one day a week or you might have a trainer that comes to the company you work in to deliver your training. You then get a nationally recognised vocational qualification at the end of it which you can use for your CV.

Woodworking Apprenticeship Options

The woodworking industry has a number of apprenticeship options that range from the craft to the back office. Once you’ve decided what apprenticeship you’d like to do, have a look at our vacancies page to find a placement.

Craft Apprenticeships

Bench Joinery Level 2 and 3

Wood Machining Level 2 and 3

Site Carpentry Level 2 and 3

Wood Product Manufacturing Level 2 and 3

Office-based Apprenticeships

Timber Merchanting Level 2

Business Administration Level 2